Bring your group to The WOW! Factory or we will come to YOU!


  • A perfect place to bring your class for a field trip OR we can come to you for after-school programs!
  • Choose from pottery, mosaics or clay, priced for your budget!
  • Allow 1 to 1 ½ hours for craft; $40 for on-site (your school) visit, $0 for studio rental

    Project Options:

  • Clay Handbuilding – $5/child for ½ pound of clay to mold and paint, we fire – 2 week turnaround
  • Pottery – priced as marked $5-$10 each (tiles, small figurines, special order); paint, we fire – 1 week turnaround
  • Mosaics – $7/child for 4” mosaic suncatcher; grout provided to finish at school/home – take home same day
  • Educational – Can provide overview of clay/bisque, glazing and firing process
  • Options: Ornament parties, full 2-hour workshop-specific project, curriculum-themed projects


  • The WOW! Factory is pleased to participate in the tradition of earning Scout Badges. We offer a two-hour class that will enable each scout to receive his/her Badge (Pottery, Ceramics, Jewelry, etc.). Each class is adapted to make it age appropriate.
  • Classes can cover the following topics:
     The origins of clay
     How bisque is made
     Clay handbuilding and techniques
     Paints and techniques
     Glazing and firing the ceramic piece after it has been painted
     Each scout paints her own piece
  • The class cost is $15 per scout and we are happy to work within your troop’s schedule and budget.
  • The WOW! Factory has a party room for groups of 20 or less and rental is $20 for 2 hours for scout troops.  The main studio seats 60 or if you prefer, we can come to you with our “Parties to Go”.
  • In addition, we also help troops not only earn their ceramics badge, but we can also discuss other topics such as marketing, owning your own business, etc.

 Team Building

  • Businesses, churches, sororities, service organizations and more!
  • Looking for something different to strengthen your team? Try bonding over paint and pottery!
  • Rent our party room ($40 for 2 hours) or even rent the entire studio after hours ($80 for 2 hours)!
  • Call the studio or send us a message for more information – we are happy to work within your budget and schedule!


  • Need to raise some funds for your school or organization? We are happy to help and have lots of ideas to choose from!
  • School Auctions Create classroom projects like mosaic mirrors, glass bowls, flowerpots, bowls, mosaic tables; use fingerprints or handprints. We provide supplies for volunteers/teachers to take to school to create; we can come to your school to create ($40 on-site fee) and/or design the project (fees vary)
  • Craft Booths: Perfect for a School Carnival or Event; 20% of proceeds donated to your organization. Crafts include $5 painted keepsakes, $7 mosaic, or craft of your choice
  • Murals: $7 for 6” tiles,$5 for 4” tiles for mosaic wall or table; $2-$5 for kid-painted shapes mosaic; additional cost for us to finish.
  • Group Painting Events: Select day or month for event; we supply certificate to those participating and donate 10% of sales back to organization